Company culture

Enterprise Mission: to create quality services to create efficiency benefits To create quality - well - designed, well - made, the better, I have no people, I have refined.
Dedication - make every effort, in good faith, service users, the user first.Increase efficiency - to capture the market, seize the opportunity, bigger and stronger, improve efficiency.
 Enterprise mission: Use technology and innovation to make the world more secure and efficient operation
For the staff: to create a development space, enhance the value of talent, improve the quality of life of employees, employees and enterprises to achieve common development.
For users: the pursuit of technology and service innovation, to provide customers the best quality products, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for customers to create greater value.
For society: to promote social well-being and security, so that society is more green and more environmentally friendly, and promote sustainable development of society as a whole.
Enterprise vision: To become an international first-class auto parts suppliers
Is to build a world-class technology, first-class management, first-class brand and first-class workforce, building auto parts R & D, production base, Xinyuan Xin among the advanced international auto parts production enterprises forefront.
Enterprise strategy: return to the origin of innovation across the communion and win-win
Return to the origin: return to the origin to find self, down to earth. From a new starting point, the integration of new cultural elements, a comprehensive review, return to the origin, attention to staff, attention to quality, attention to customers, to reborn the spirit and courage to achieve a new leap forward, cast a new glory.
Innovation across: innovation and seek to cross, to promote innovation across. To continue technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, through innovation and seek a new leap forward, boost Xinyuan Xin high-speed development, bigger and stronger. Through the development by leaps and bounds to promote technological innovation, the formation of innovation to cross, to promote a good pattern across.
Communion and win-win: open-minded melt into the Quartet, cooperation to expand the world to win. To achieve and local economic development, and business cooperation and win-win situation. At the same time, we must adhere to the people-oriented, to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises, promote the harmonious development of enterprises.
The spirit of enterprise: innovation and pragmatic first - class 
Innovation - continuous progress, and constantly go beyond, innovation, Yong Chong success.
Pragmatic - down-to-earth, stress practical results, do not show false name, do solid work.
For the first class - targeting Pai Tau, pioneers, advancing with the times, the pursuit of excellence.
Corporate values: the contribution of social service users to develop themselves
Contribution to society - always forget the social obligations, take the initiative to take social responsibility, and strive to create social benefits.
Service users - treat users, respect for God, to meet the requirements, quality service.
Development of self - deepen reform, strengthen management, enhance strength, create benefits, accelerate development. 
Business concept: the pursuit of fairness and integrity perfect
Fairness and integrity - equal competition, honesty and trustworthiness, to win, win market.
The pursuit of perfection - continuous improvement, continuous improvement, never - ending, the peak of climbing.
Enterprise management concept: people - oriented from small things
People - oriented - training talent, attracting talent, good use of talent to form a joint force, the development of Xinyuan Xin.
From small things to start - subtle start, bit by bit to start, often grasp unremittingly, perseverance. 

Enterprise quality concept: the quality of the user in my mind in my hands
Users in my mind - the user requirements, bearing in mind, dedication, to ensure satisfaction.
Quality in my hands - quality first, from my start, meticulous, striving for quality.


Work faith: courage to calm confidence does not give up
Is the courage to dare to do, not afraid of the spirit, failing calm and calm, not panic, with the determination of the mind must be unwavering, look for things that will try to do, do not give up with the purpose of not giving up the spirit of perseverance .


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